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This wonderful account, was posted on the Pyr-L by Danny Crafton. I thought it was truly lovely, and to me nothing could describe better the warmth and security that these dogs give us.

With Danny's permission, I wanted to share this with all.


 White Dogs in the Moonlight


I had worked late - or early, whichever you prefer.

Anyway, it was four o'clock in the morning. I was tired

and a little cranky; it hadn't been a good night. I pulled

into my garage, went out into the backyard, which is

adjacent to our middle pasture.

It was cold and clear. The moon shone so brightly you

could see as well as daylight. I stood for a moment and

watched in awe of the beauty of living in the country and

the pride of looking out over something one had built with

their own hands.

I started to feel better as the cold morning air filled my

lungs, and I could feel the sting of the moisture in my nose

starting to freeze. All the critters must be in the barn, I

thought. A good place to be on a night like this.

I was watching the shadow the garage cast on the pasture

and suddenly saw what appeared to be a white shadow

come gliding out of the dark and into the moonlight. It

made no sound, and floated as silently as the night was still.

At first I was startled that anything could move so quietly,

and then I realized it was one of my Pyrs. Which one I

wasn't sure yet, because it wasn't close enough to see. I

felt comfort knowing that even though it was night, was

still and cold, there were guardians on duty guarding my

little piece of this great earth.

As the white shadow grew nearer I could see that the dog

carried its tail in a caution mode. Not taking any chances I

chuckled to myself. I spoke and the shadow instantly

responded and came forward, and I could tell it was Jack. I

leaned over the fence and petted his huge head. His warm

muzzle was in huge contrast to the cold night.

Looking back across the pasture into the shadow, I saw two

more figures step silently out of the shadow and come

towards me. Emma and Nickel. All came to the fence to

get their pay, which was a scratch behind the ears and a

sincere thank you from me. The moon shone on their coats

and made them look almost silvery. They made not a


The cold was getting me a little. I said goodnight and

walked up on the deck and looked back - they were gone,

back to their sheep. I'm a very lucky man I thought.

I felt much better.

I slipped into bed beside my wife and smiled to myself

thinking how could anything be so pretty.

I went to sleep quickly, grateful, happy, and feeling very safe.


Danny Crafton

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