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Regalia Great Pyrenees Home Page

Welcomes visitors and gives a description of what the intended purpose for this site is.

Regalia Kennel Site

Breeding goals/philosophy, show pic's/pedigrees, puppy announcments etc.

Kid's page

Introduces my girls, and shows their creative side, as they put together this page relatively on their own.

Sign the Kids Guestbook

Sign the Kids Guestbook

View the Kids Guestbook

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See our pets past and present


An introduction to the Great Pyrenees breed. A starting point to the Pyr section of this site. Additional information about Pyr's that anyone thinking about adding one to their family should know. Topics include; Natural Pry temperament. Personality "quirks", health issues, basic training, grooming etc.

Pyr Friends Photo Album

For a ton of wonderful photo's which show Pyr's at different stages of development; not to mention alot of adorable and goofy photo's.... check out my Pyr Friends Album. The photo's are courtesy of my Pyr friends on the PyrNet-L egroup.

Responsible Breeders

Explains what a responsible breeder is. Details the difference between them and a backyard breeder. Stresses why you should only seek out a responsible breeder when purchasing a pup.

Evaluating a Breeder/Questions to ask

Advice on what to look for in a breeder. How to assess their credentials, kennels and breeding stock. 

In this section there are sample questions that breeders may ask you, and that you should ask them. Also some things to expect in a breeders contract.

About Pet Stores

Facts about pet shops and where they get their puppies. Information about puppy mills, and the health and temperament problems that can arise with a pet store puppy.

Choosing a Pup

This page contains advice on how to evaluate a whole litter, and an individual puppies temperament.

The information in this page is for people who have already  made themselves aware of the only "reliable" source to acquire a puppy, and the dangers you face going to a pet store or backyard breeder. Please read through the "Responsible Breeders" and the "Evaluating a Breeder" pages, BEFORE you go buy your puppy

Medical   Testing Defined

This article explains hopefully in laments terms, most of the common medical tests and the certification of such, that Responsible breeders test their "potential" breeding stock for...... BEFORE they breed any one dog.

   First Hand Experiences with Early Spay or Neutering Puppies  

Are you thinking about Early Spay/Neutering your puppy? Read the first hand experiences and observations from Breeders and Rescuers, who have ES/N their puppies. 

   What changes they observed? How they developed? How they compare physically, and health wise, to previous litters that were not early spayed? Any complications or side effects they observed?

Breeder Referral Page

If you are looking for a Great Pyrenees puppy, please check out this referral page. It will only list breeders who are responsible members of their breed clubs, and follow the Code of Ethics set forth.

Breeder Referral Form

Breeders.....If you would like to be available for consultation with puppy buyers, please fill out this form.

In Memory

This page is dedicated to my best friend Zeus, who went to the bridge in September 2001. It gives some background information on our struggle together. It shows how his sad life should be the example to anyone wishing to purchase ANY dog of ANY breed, should seek out a responsible, knowledgeable breeder.

 I hope his story will save someone else the mind numbing pain that I and my family had to endure. Then at least it will not all be for nothing.

Tribute to our Rainbow Bridge Angels

If your Pyrenees is now a Bridge Angel and you would like them honoured here with us...we would welcome them with open paws.


Turbo's Scrapbook

Visit with our new girl "Pyrview Turbo Charged"

Baby Zoey

Please welcome my new baby girl Zoey!!! See her grow...birth to present puppy pictures!

Zoey's Pedigree

White dogs in the Moonlight

A wonderful account, that was written by Danny Crafton. I thought it was truly lovely, and to me nothing could describe better the warmth and security that these dogs give us.


Lots of links to wonderful information about Pyr's, links to Pyr egroups, breed clubs, recommended reading, etc.

Web Rings

Visit other wonderful Pyr and dog sites on these Web Rings!

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Please sign my guestbook! I would love to know what you think about my site. I would also like to here your comments and suggestions on how I could make it better.

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