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    Welcome to

An educational site about the 

regal Great Pyrenees 

(le Montagne des Pyrénées)

(Pyrenean Mountain Dog)


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  This site is dedicated to my boy Zeus, who went to the Bridge on September 27, 2001.

Our hearts still ache for you, and we look forward to the day we will see each other again in heaven.

Why did I feel creating this site was important???

I have put together the Pyrenees portion of this site, as a means to educate people searching for a pup of any breed. This site is not only dedicated to the most beautiful dog in the world ;) the regal Great Pyrenees, and to help someone decide if this is the breed for them.

 I hope it will also provide useful information about where to search for a responsible breeder, and where NOT to buy a dog of any breed.

I am trying to provide as much information as possible in one site, for people contemplating owning this wonderful breed. 

I hope to make this a good starting point for your journey. 

I have found, and I'm sure you will agree, the internet is such a vast unending resource of knowledge. It's hard to know where to start, where to go next, and which information is accurate.

Just type Great Pyrenees in a search form, and see what I mean. 

I have tried to cover many aspects of the breed. Considerations that I feel one should know, and be MORE than willing to accept, BEFORE they buy their puppy.

It's a FACT, that thousands of dogs are abandoned, given to shelters, or euthanized each year, because of personality quirks, possible temperament problems, or health issues, that the owner was not aware of (or did not fully understand) before they got their pet. 

I hope to help you and your new dog, avoid this situation with the information provided in these pages.

Of course it's impossible to cover everything in one site, so I have provided many links to some excellent sources of information.

I do strongly recommend that anyone looking for ANY breed of dog, join a breed specific discussion group. These groups are filled with many owners, breeders and trainers, who know and love their breed. 

Because they have lived with theses dogs, they have a wealth of information about what it is really like to own their breed of choice. Both the ups and the downs.

I have provided several links to wonderful Great Pyrenees discussion groups, on my links page.

I have learned more from the "Ambassadors" of the breed on these lists, then I have from any other source. 

I have always considered myself a knowledgeable, responsible dog owner. Anything surrounding dogs or any animal, has always been my passion...

But I must tell you that in the last 8 years I have learned more than the whole sum of the 29 years prior.

I researched the Great Pyrenees for months, before deciding to add one to our family. I found it very difficult (without the internet) to find good reliable information about the breed.

I went to the library, bought all books that I could find in "local" bookstores and pet shops, about the breed.

Unfortunately at the time, I did not know it was just important...maybe more research the breeder as much as the breed. 

Of course most of the breed books, concentrate on the basics...breed standard, short history, basic temperament, grooming, care and feeding etc. 

None provided in-depth information about the Breed as a whole; traits, personality quirks, temperament, health issues, etc.

Most did say it was a bred to be a livestock guardian, but none really explained what exactly that meant in terms of what to expect.

None asked the questions, that should be asked like: 

  • Is this breed's personality compatible with yours and your family? 

  • Are your neighbors going to be fine with a dog who barks at the wind? 

  • Do you understand that this breed has an independent nature? 

  • Do you have the personality and the skill required, to reassure a dog with this personality; that you are in fact the leader of the household and not them? 

  • Do you understand the importance of early socialization and training in any breed of dog, but especially the giant breeds?

Fortunately by luck, and thanks to my Alpha personality, I could have answered YES, to all these questions....can you?

Unfortunately though, none of the breed books educated me on what to look for in a breeder and their dogs, and what to avoid. How to evaluate an individual puppy's personality. How to assess the parents. Or what questions to ask the breeder.

The information in this site, is an accumulation of over three years of research into the breed, and hard lessons I had to learn, to get to this point of understanding.

It is my hope that one will come away with a new understanding, and insight to the breed as a whole. I hope newcomers will learn from my mistakes, to save them the heartache my family and I had to bare.

I am after all this time, and probably will be forever, still in the learning process. I have tried to insure that all the information contained in theses pages are completely accurate. If anyone with more knowledge of the breed, finds anything that is incorrect, or could be explained in a more proficient manner, PLEASE feel free to email me with your suggestions and corrections. I will be more than happy to correct any misinformation.

**If you have a Great Pyrenees site and would like it added to my Links page please email me. (educational, personal or breeders pages welcome) 

Sariena Foley

Regalia Great Pyrenees


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