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First Hand Experiences with Early Spay or Neutering Puppies 

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Breeders and Rescuers experiences with Early Spay/Neutering their puppies:

Breed (s): Yorkies

Breeder/Rescue: Cheryl Nims

How many years early spaying or how many litters:  over 10 years

Aprox. age of pups when procedure was done: 8-10 weeks

Personal Observations and Experiences:

 I am Cheryl Nims and raise Yorkies.  I have been early neutering the males for over 10 years now and have never had any bad results.  Most pups are 8-10 weeks old and weigh between 1 3/4 and 2 1/2 lbs.  Usually by the time I get them home from the vet they are up and playing like nothing ever happened.

 I strongly recommend early neutering to my customers but some are hard to sell on it as their vets are so misinformed.  I think the time is coming soon that I will not let them make the decision and just neuter all the males.  If they do not like it that is just tough.  You can't beat a neutered male for a pet. 

 I am not that experienced with the early spaying of female pups.  The last one done experienced complications as she was not physically normal.  It was quite a scare but the pup did recover.  I have done early spays that were very successful but the complicated one set me back a little.

 My vet does the early neutering at a nominal charge as she feels it is a service worth doing to help the pet overpopulation.  This can save my customers hundreds of dollars and perhaps the life of their new pet.  I would strongly recommend early neutering.  All the evidence is in favor of it.

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