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 My Favourite Links

 to some excellent sites and books about Pyr's and dogs in general

      **If you have a Great Pyrenees site and would like  it added to my   Links page please email me. (educational, personal or breeders pages welcome) 

 I have created a "Breeder Referral" page. Breeders If you would like to be available for consultation with puppy buyers, please fill out this form



Breed Clubs  

*Pacific Rim Pyrenean Dogs Association (Canada)                                                                       A western Canadian regional Club for the Great Pyrenees, Pyrenean Mastiff, and Berger des Pyrenees breeds.    

 *Great Pyrenees Club of America                                                

* Canadian Kennel Club- The only official registry of purebred dogs in Canada  

  *American Kennel Club- The official registry of purebred dogs in the United States  

*The Kennel Club UK- The official registry of purebred dogs in the UK                               


Pyr Information ( must read)


*EVERYTHING YOU'RE ALWAYS ASKED ABOUT A PYR                                                And Never Want to Answer                                                                    


*PyrNet home page- alot of good information about Great Pyrenees       

*What does a puppy cost?          

 *The Pyrenean Journal - A wonderful historical look at the Great Pyrenees in the early years in North America and in France.                                                                                                 

*Pyr Realm- An extensive list of Pyr related links                                 

*Pyrspectives Website - Kennel links, books, and email list. A very informational site about the Great Pyrenees  

 *GPCA Health Survey Form - If you own a Pyr, whether it be a companion or a show dog, please take a moment to fill out this form. Future generations will benefit from the data collected. Scroll down and click on {Health Survey} link  

Livestock Guardian Dog Association  -Tons of information about most of the breeds of LGD's



 *GPCA Breeders and the Family Farm Dog

*BUYING A LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOG- by Catherine de la Cruz  

  *Starting the LGD Pup                                    


*Working Pyrenees- Read the links and see photo's of working Pyr's. Not only as LGD's but in many diverse activities...such as Pet assisted therapy, pulling carts etc.

"LochWind" Collies & McGregor Veterinary Clinic Western Australia -Excellent articles from a Veterinarian/breeder about the importance of health testing breeding stock and responsible breeding!


Start Your Search for a “Responsible” Breeder Here

 Also check out some wonderful Breeder and personal Home pages below!

My Breeder Referral Page

* Canadian Show Dogs -A comprehensive guide to dogs and dog showing in Canada. With many any Pyr links.                                                

*Dogs In Canada- a internet version of the popular magazine. Alot of breeder listings, and articles.                                                                                                                          

 *AKC Breeder Referral                              

 *GPCA Breeder Referral                                                    

 *Great Pyrenees Connection                                              


Egroups (Email lists)  






*great_pyrenees · Great Pyrenees Discussion List  



*Dog Mentor                                                              

*Great Pyr Friends                                                        
More Pyr photo Galleries
Bridget Kaiser has put together this wonderful collection of Pyr photo's:

Excellent Personal Great Pyrenees Home pages

*Dianne Migas                                                                                                                         Blue Steel Great Pyrenees - A beautiful site full of wonderful photo's, A page which details their breeding philosophy and the importance of health testing. Plus tons of links about Natural Raw Feeding.                                                                                                           

*Robyn Allwright                                                                                                                     Ziffany Great Pyrenees & Tibetan Mastiffs- Kennel info, with lots of wonderful pictures of their beautiful dogs.

 *Sandy Dyment -Pyrview Reg'd

Members of the CKC, GPCC and GPCCO. I am the President of the Great Pyrenees Club of Central Ont. We breed for healthy, happy family companions, show stock and have a strong working line of livestock guardians. Inquiries always welcome.


*Mr. Jung- Pyr-Dreamweaver Great Pyrenees

Wonderful site filled with gorgeous photo's of some of the top winning Pyr's in Korea! There is an english version of the site available from the intro page! Members of the KKF and the GPCA.


  Catherine Gaubert-Druillennec "La Belletrotière"- LE DOMAINE DE PEYRAC

  • Catherine Gaubert-Druillennec
    "La Belletrotière"
    Tél : +33 243 297 772
    Fax : +33 243 285 469
    E-mail :
    Site :

Wonderful site featuring beautiful French dogs! There is a english version page as well


Norway- Astrid Brenne Moe- Laugtun,s Kennel

*Terry Reese-   Southwinds

  • Affiliated Clubs:  Great Pyrenees Club of America. Located in Strang, OK USA
  • Phone: 918-589-2416
  • Email:

 *Bonnie Pfeifer-  Bonger's Great Pyrenees

Akc great pyrenees. Home environment. Hips/elbows x-rayed. We enjoy talking with people about our pyr's. We screen, inform people BEFORE they purchase a puppy from us. We match the puppy's temperament with the buyer and what they want the puppy for, home, livestock, therapy. We put it in writing for puppies health. We have quality pyr's both beautiful inside and out. Puppy referrals.


*Dan and Paula Lane-Bountiful

We raise AKC Great Pyrenees LGDs. They live with our herd of goats. LGDs are sold as neutered/spayed. We've been raising Pyrs since 1997. We subscribe to the GPCA code of ethics. We guarantee our dogs.

   *Chrissy McConnell and Billy Ingram-  Maple Way

Affiliated Clubs: Great Pyrenees Club of America. Located in WV, USA

*Jackie Wood                                                                                                                        Tanimara Great Pyrenees- Breeding Pyr's for working or show. Lovely site with tons of great photo's
*David & Catherine O'Banion                                                                             WillowPaw Great Pyrenees- A Northern Ontario breeder's site,  with gorgeous photo's of their homestead, champions and past litters. David O'Banion also offers Website design suited to your needs.
* Catherine Gaubert

Wonderful site featuring beautiful French dogs! There is a english version page as well

*Marina Nieuwenhuizen

MAC³ Pyreneese Berghonden- Pyrenees breeder/exhibiter with a huge amount of wonderful pictures of her lovely dogs showing in many different countries!

*Hot Diggitty Dog -A wonderful Pyrenees site, chock full of photo's, lots of fun and educational pages, Pyr graphics and much more!                                                    
*Elaine Thomson's - "Leo"- Come see Leo's home page! Adorable photo's, info, and links at:

*Hans Roth's  Glenroth Inn- some wonderful photo's of his retreat and his Pyr Bear with Hamish McDuff, their West Highland White Terrier:


So your looking for a pup for future breeding? Check out theses articles and sites BEFORE you buy your pup!  

*Dog Mentor Group- A must join, for anyone thinking about breeding their dog. The list members include some VERY knowledgeable, friendly, "Responsible" breeders. Who will be pleased to offer guidance and advice. And you just may find a Mentor or two!  

*Learn to Breed- A very informative site, with a no holds barred look at breeding. Even has Virtual Breeding that you can participate in the decision making throughout the breeding/whelping process of a dog.  

* BREEDER EDUCATION - Responsible Breeder resources. Everything you want to know BEFORE you breed your Pyr                                                                                                          

*Things Conscientious Breeders Do  

*Checklist for the Responsible Breeder- by Diane Blackman of Dog play                        



HEALTH - Vet Med                                                                                                                          An online Veterinary resource.                                                               

Natural Rearing and BARF Information:                                                           Roberta Jamieson                                                                                                                       Lepus 'Reg ; Naturally reared Whippets and Borzoi                  

Nutrition: Dianne Migas has put together a wonderful page about nutrition with many informative links at:

Also check out: Pyr Health Issues

 Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA)                               

University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHip)

Berner 1- Pat Long's Info Page:  Bernese Mountain Dog information and LOT'S of informative articles about the different health issues of many large breed dogs. Breeder Checklist and more!
"LochWind" Collies & McGregor Veterinary Clinic Western Australia -Excellent articles from a Veterinarian/breeder about the importance of health testing breeding stock and responsible breeding!



*Pyrangel Rescue Network                                        

*Pyr Rescue Contacts                                            


*Dogs Needing People, People Needing Dogs


*No Puppymills


Behavior Training Articles

*Alpha Boot Camp article                           

*Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach  article by Vicki DeGruy  

*Good Owners Great Pets                                                                           

 * :advice on selecting a trainer, Types and causes of aggression, treatment options, Support group and more




The Complete Great Pyrenees                                                                            by Paul D. Strang and James M. Giffin.                                                                      One of the earliest comprehensive Great Pyrenees breed reference. This is the best of all the Great Pyrenees resources listed. It is endorsed by theGPCA.                                                                                                           Copyright © 1977 Howell Publishing

The New Complete Great Pyrenees                                                                by Paul Strang                                                                                                              This 1991 update is the current Great Pyrenees breed reference.                       Copyright © 1991 Paul Strang; © 1977 Howell Publishing Macmillan, General Reference, A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Co.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog                                                                              by Joyce Stannard and Colin Bowher                                                                             A 1996 publication from the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain                                                                                                                 Copyright © 1996 Joyce Stannard and Colin Bowher and The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain.

The Great Pyrenees Puppy Book                                                                      by Bonnie Ross, edited by Paul Strang                                                                             A must have for anyone contemplating rearing their own litter. Extensively covers all the essential planning and preparation for a litter. From pre-breeding to sending the pups to their new home. Copyright © Medea Publishing Company

Great Pyrenees by Joan Hustace Walker- I've heard this is a straight forward, no nonsense book about the Great Pyrenees breed. Includes information on purchasing, care, behaviour and more.

Great Pyrenees                                                                                           Andrew M. Jonson,                                                                                                      A very generic book on the Great Pyrenees. This is the first book that I could find on the breed, as it says its the #1 best selling Pyr book....this could be true, but it is due to the price tag and definitely not for quality. It gives very little in-depth information about the breed. Concentrates mostly on History and Breed Standard in the first few pages, then the rest is common puppy care info. I would suggest that you spend your money on one of the other books listed above. Copyright © 1990 T.F.H Publications, Inc.

Livestock Protection Dogs Selection, Care and Training                                                                                                                    by David E. Sims & Orysia Dawydiak                                                                            A  manual on how to select, train and manage livestock guardians.Copyright © 1990 David E. Sims & Orysia Dawydiak OTR Publications

Puppy Parenting                                                                               By Gail I. Clark                                                                                                               A Must have for anyone thinking about getting a puppy! She helps you decide which breed it right for you. Where to acquire that new pup. Training, socialization, discipline methods etc. An excellent source of information, about  rearing your puppy!


Master Book list



Directory of Dog Websites
& Tons of FREE Dog Stuff!





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